Nagad88 Terms and Conditions

General Conditions

Visit the website to view the terms and conditions

We retain the right to amend and modify the Terms (as well as any documents below that are linked to or referenced) at any time. It is recommended that you visit this website on a regular basis to review the Terms and Conditions. As soon as modifications are made here and published on this website, they become legally binding. If you object to any such changes, you must stop using the Service immediately. Your continued use of the Website following such publication will be interpreted as your agreement to the amended Terms. For any bets that aren’t paid before the revised conditions take effect, the previous terms will apply.

Your Responsibilities

Your responsibility to Nagad88

You acknowledge that by using the Service and going to the Website:

  • You are older than eighteen, or the legal age allowed by the relevant nation or law to engage in gaming or gambling. At any point, we have the right to request proof of your age from you.
  • You are able and qualified to enter into a binding legal agreement with us. You are not allowed to use the Service or access the Website if you are not of legal age.
  • You reside in a territory or state where gaming is allowed. You do not reside in a country where it is forbidden for residents or anybody else to access the internet for gaming purposes. It is entirely your duty to make sure that your usage of the service is legal.
  • Using a VPN, proxy, or any other service or instrument that hides or modifies the identity of your true location is forbidden.
  • You are permitted to use the payment method that you select.
  • By agreeing to pay us in good faith, you promise not to attempt to have a payment reversed or to take any action that would allow a payment to be reversed by someone else.
  • You may lose all or part of the money you deposit to the Service in order to place bets in accordance with these Terms, and you will be solely responsible for such loss.
  • You may not use any information that you have gathered in a way that would contravene any laws that were in force in the country in which you placed your wager.
  • You are not operating for any outside party or for financial benefit; rather, you are merely acting in your capacity as an individual.
  • When attempting to manipulate any market or component within the Service, you must not act dishonestly or in a way that jeopardizes the integrity of the Service or us. 
  • You shall generally act in good faith toward us at all times and for all wagers made through the Service.
  • You are not an Affiliate in our program, and neither are your family members, agents, employers, or employees, if applicable.


Registration is required when using the service

You agree, by using the Service, to always:

  • We have the right to deny any applicant’s registration application at our sole discretion and without having to give a reason.
  • Before using the Service, you must manually complete the registration form, read these Terms, and agree to them. Before you may begin betting on the Service or receive your winnings, we might need you to go through verification processes, like passing certain checks. You may be asked to produce any other documents deemed necessary in addition to a valid form of identification. This can include, but is not limited to, a picture ID (copy of a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card) and a recent utility bill with your name and address listed as proof of residency.  
  • We reserve the right to halt accepting bets or to restrict the options accessible on any account until we acquire the required information. This procedure is conducted in accordance with the applicable gaming legislation and the legal requirements concerning the prevention of money laundering. Additionally, you are required to fund your Service Account using the methods specified in the payment section of our website. 
  • You must provide accurate contact information, including a functional email address (also known as a “Registered Email Address”), and ensure that this data is updated moving forward. It is your responsibility to keep the contact details on your account up to date. If you don’t, we may not be able to send you important updates to these terms or other information about your account. To identify and get in touch with our clients, we use their registered email address.
  • You consent to provide accurate email addresses, maintain an active and separate email account, and notify the company of any changes to their email address. It is the whole duty of each customer to maintain their registered email address safe in order to prevent any third party from utilizing it. The Company disclaims any liability for any losses or damages allegedly resulting from correspondence between the Company and the Customer via the registered email address. 
  • Customers’ accounts will be stopped until they give us an email address if the company is unable to contact them. We shall immediately suspend your account and provide you a written notification to that effect if you deliberately provide us with fraudulent or inaccurate personal information. In certain situations, we may also bring legal action against you for this, or we may notify the relevant authorities, who may then bring legal action of their own.
  • You are only allowed to register one Account with the Service. Your accounts could be closed immediately if it is found that you have several accounts registered with us. This includes using family members, friends, associates, affiliates, connected people, related parties, and/or third parties to act on your behalf as proxies.
  • To confirm your identity and creditworthiness, we could need other personal information from you, including your name and last name, or we might utilize any third-party information sources we see fit. We will notify you if we become aware of any new personal information originating from unaffiliated sources.
  • You must keep your Service password confidential. As long as you give us the precise Account information we need, we have the right to assume that all bets, deposits, and withdrawals have been made by you. We advise you to regularly change your password and to never divulge it to a third party. It is your responsibility to keep your password secure; otherwise, you run the risk of incurring costs. You can choose to log out of the Service at the end of each session.
  • If you believe that any of the data connected to your account is being misused by a third party, that your account has been compromised, or that someone else has discovered your password, you need to report these incidents to us immediately. You need to notify us if your registered email address has been hacked. We might require further information or proof from you in order to verify your identity. We will suspend your account right away as soon as we learn of such an incident. Until then, regardless of whether you granted third parties permission to use your account, you remain in control of everything that occurs on it.
  • It is not permitted for you to use screen grabs or other similar means at any time to share any content or other information on the Service with other users or parties. Furthermore, you are not permitted to display any information or content in a frame or in any other manner that is not identical to how it would appear to a customer or third party that entered the Service’s URL into their browser. 
  • When you register, you will be able to use any of the various currencies on the website. As stated in these Terms, these will be the currencies you utilize for your wagers, deposits, and withdrawals from the Service. Certain payment mechanisms cannot process all currencies. In some cases, the page will display the processing currency and provide a conversion calculator.

Your Account

Nagad88's rights with respect to your account
  • We reserve the right to close or suspend any account and refund all money without prior notice. On the other hand, we will honor contracts that are fully developed.
  • We reserve the right, at any time and for any reason, to reject, limit, cancel, or restrict any wager, including any that seems to have been placed dishonestly in order to circumvent our system policies and/or betting restrictions.
  • If any money is accidentally credited to your account, it still belongs to us. If there are any such mistakes, we’ll let you know about them and take the necessary money out of your account.
  • Should your account get overdrawn for any reason, you will be responsible for the full amount.
  • You must contact us as soon as you discover any errors relating to your Account.
  • It is not possible to pledge, sell, or give your account to another person. It is forbidden to transfer any kind of valuable asset, including but not limited to winnings, accounts, deposits, bets, and any rights or claims connected to these assets (be they commercial, legal, or otherwise). Under the previously mentioned transfers, it is also forbidden to encumber, pledge, assign, usufruct, trade, broker, hypothecate, and/or gift in connection with a fiduciary or any other third party, business, natural or legal person, foundation, and/or association in any way, shape, or form.

Money Deposit

Rules for depositing money
  • It is necessary to make any deposits using a credit card, payment method, or account that is linked to your name. If you make a deposit using a currency other than your own, it will be converted using the daily exchange rate that provides, or it will be set at the current rate of exchange by our bank or payment processor. Your account will then be credited as necessary. Be advised that certain payment methods may impose additional currency exchange costs, which will be deducted from the amount of your deposit. 
  • Since the business is not a bank, credit and debit card deposits are not handled by us directly; instead, they are processed by an outside electronic payment processor. If you deposit money with a debit or credit card, we won’t credit your account until we get an authorization number and approval from the payment processor. If your card issuer declines to authorize such a transaction, the monies will not be credited to your account.